Virtual Clinic for Your Health

Enjoy Natural Health Screening Without Leaving Home

Technology can be amazing! Just as you can attend a lecture by a world-renowned authority right from your home computer, so you can also get the best natural health screening at that same computer. Our clients don't have to come to our office -- we go to them through virtual testing appointments. Here's how it works:
  • A ZYTO Hand Cradle device is plugged into your computer and connected to our office through the internet.
  • It measures your galvanic skin response (GSR) changes in response to digital "signatures" of thousands of items -- foods, nutrients, toxins, nutritional supplements etc.
  • Through screen sharing and video conferencing you see Dr. Kline and your test results on his computer screen just as you would in the office.
  • Reports of your test results are immediately emailed to you.
  • Supplements and remedies for your specific program are then sent Priority Mail at the conclusion of your appointment.