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FREE 7-Point Health Assessment

Have you ever been looking for a store (or a restroom) in a shopping mall and gone to that big map of the place? What were you looking for?  Three words -- YOU ARE HERE. Until you know where you are, you can't determine how to get where you want to go.  It's the same with your health -- you must first have a honest evaluation of your present needs to move toward your healthy goals.

Dr. Kline offers a FREE 7-Point Health Assessment ($80 Value) phone consultation to answer that "You are Here" question.  He will help you evaluate where you are on energy, digestion, allergy, weight and other issues. Then he will explain a suggested program for correcting these with an individualized program based on non-invasive testing. There is, of course, no obligation. We welcome the opportunity to help guide you toward better health.

To schedule your 30-minute FREE 7-Point Health Assessment phone consultation with Dr. Kline, just click below (or phone us a 800-255-4246).